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Vision: the Cutting Edge To a Future Full of Possibilities
Vision circle: create a world you can live in

    Having Vision:    
    Having Vision:    
    Having Vision:    

All individuals and organizations need to have exceptional vision

Vision is the ability to see beyond the barriers that stop the average person. It is seeing possibilities where others see impossibilities. It is having the courage to stretch one’s creativity to greater and greater limits.

Visioning is like the pebble dropped into the lake — the expanding ripple reaches out to touch a vaster realm than ever thought possible. It links the present to the unfolding future.

See it to Believe

We frequently have to see it to believe it. But this is extremely limiting. Believing without needing to see it first makes the seemingly impossible — become possible.

Vision is the link to possibilities

    Future View    
    Future View    
    Future View    

Always look back to learn from the past and add to your wisdom. Look forward to strive for a better future. But always live in the present.

Change cannot be avoided. It is always present. It is Life itself. Purposeful change is growth.

The future quickly becomes our past. So we must not waste it. We must look forward with enthusiasm and not backwards with regret.

Create a Future

balancing: health, fulfillment, quality, spiritual, insight, vision
Balancing: needs of ‘Church’

  Dealing with Change:  
  Dealing with Change:  
  Dealing with Change:  

Growing Catholic population

  • Priest Shortage
  • Parish mergers
  • Parish closings
  • Parish Partnerships

Challenging Times

People hungering
For spiritual renewal in their lives

Searching for meaning
in the hustle and bustle of a stressful world of change

Priests struggling under the load

Need for Balance:
So many demands, so little time

Changing Family
Lifestyles, values, structures

Lost sense of community:
Strangers living with strangers

Where does one’s loyalty lie?
Which ones should one follow?

What’s the future hold?

Church responding:
to the people’s needs in changing times

People responding:
to the church’s needs

    Take Action:    
    Take Action:    
    Take Action:    

Find creative uses of limited resources

Cooperation: Share resources with other parishes, schools

Build Community: promote positive relationships, get to know each other, offer support, stop being strangers

Get involved: every age group is in need of ‘belonging’ in a society that has become increasingly isolated and disconnected

Use your creativity, get motivated and inspired. Open up to a new world of Possibilities

  Think Creatively  
  Think Creatively  
  Think Creatively  

We get used to seeing the world around us in a certain way, and this blinds us to seeing with a wider perspective.

All the things we have not yet tried lie in that area outside the box.

Outside the box is waiting a vast world of untried possibilities—we just need to widen our vision to see them.

Think outside the box
Think outside the box
Think outside the box

Create a Vision
Step into your Future

Mike coaches people to live their lives with a deeper commitment and conviction that is true to their values, talents and abilities. He helps you create new broader ‘visions’ so you can live them. He supports and challenges you to think outside of the box so that living inside the box is more comfortable.

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