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Vision: the Cutting Edge To a Future Full of Possibilities

All individuals and
organizations need to have
exceptional vision

The Power of Vision

Vision is the ability to see beyond the barriers that stop the average person. It is seeing possibilities where others see impossibilities. It is having the courage to stretch one’s creativity to greater and greater limits.

Visioning is like the pebble dropped into the lake — the expanding ripple reaches out to touch a vaster realm than ever thought possible. It links the present to the unfolding future.

VISION is the ability to see a future. It does not mean being able to see the future and know what will happen, but rather, able to see and plan for a vitality of life in their future.

Those who are able to see and plan for their future, accomplish far more in their lifetimes than those who meander along with no particular plan or awareness of where their life is going. This is true for individuals as well as all organizations and companies.

The power of purpose is the synergy that carries you forth and gives you direction. A powerful clarity of Direction and Purpose will accomplish amazing results in the task of following your Vision. It is the diferrence between "Seeing" and "Blindness".

Click here to see a slide show presentation saved in a PDF file format:

The Power of Vision

This is a general presentation outlining the concepts and rational
behind creating a vision for an organization (applies to individuals, too).

The above presentation was used to introduce the Visioning process to 3 Catholic Parishes working together to create a viable future for themselves. Significant challenges prompting this process included the priest shortage and a number of other challenges facing the average modern day parish. Below is a second presentation used to help facilitate their Visioning process.

Click here to see a slide show presentation in PDF format on:

The Power of Vision: Part 2
a Tri-Parish Visioning Process

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