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Learn to balance your life:
A practical guide to having it all

by Michael Hinz, PhD & Jessica Hinz, PhD
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6-3/8 x 9-1/4 in; 160 pp
Chronicle Books
April 2004
ISBN 0811843017

If only there were more hours in a day! Until there are, Learn to Balance Your Life is the book for anyone trying to make time for work, family, friends, and even for themselves.

The authors -- life coaches and psychologists -- show that, with a clear vision and a bit of organization, balance is close at hand. Their commonsense approach teaches readers how to identify key values and goals, and the practical steps it takes to turn those dreams into reality.

Workshop-style exercises help develop vital skills for managing time. Sections on family, relationships, finances, career, health, and home offer encouraging ideas for making everyday life more fulfilling.

Learn to Balance Your Life is the guide for anyone who's exhausted by trying to do it all -- and looking for a better way.

European Version

Learn to Balance Your Life
Take Control, Find Time,
Achieve Your Goals

By Michael Hinz and Jessica Hinz

Duncan Baird Publishers
February 15, 2004
ISBN 1844830144



Ch 1: Equilibrium
What is a balanced life?
Balanced living in the 21st century
The power of vision
Ex 1: Dream the possible dream
Racing with time, not against it
Setting priorities
Ex 2: Identify your goals
How balanced is your life?
Ex 3: Take your life for a spin
Tracking your progress

Ch 2: Career
What do you want from your career?
Career change or makeover?
Planning your work day
Ex 4: Take the work out of paperwork
Ex 5: Go on a mini mental vacation
When to say yes, when to say no
Ex 6: Identify your drainers
Time to go home
Ex 7: Make a virtue of commuting

Ch 3: Money
What does money mean to you?
Ex 8: Where does your money go?
Maintaining your financial health
Make your money work as hard as you do
Pain-free saving
Responsible borrowing
Treat yourself
Ex 9: Invest in yourself

Ch 4: Relationships
Relationships and the individual
Ex 10:Relationships inside-out
The balanced partnership
Weighing up the big decisions
Sharing in partnership
Balancing work and childcare
Fulfilling friendships

Ex 11: Stay in touch
Family Matters
Giving something back

Ch 5: Home
What do you want from your home?
Move or adapt?
Ex 12: Look through the keyhole
Creating a haven
Ex 13: Conduct a comfort audit
Ex 14: The 15-minute daily tidy-up
The balanced weekend

Ch 6: Health
Preventive maintenance
Ex 15: Keep a personal health record
Stress proofing
Ex 16: Emergency stress relief
Eating well on the go
The benefits of exercise
Ex 17: Cut out the excuses
Pampering yourself
Good night
Ex 18: Develop a pre-bedtime routine

Ch 7: Just you
Why are you here?
Ex 19: Find signposts to meaning
Finding the real you
Ex 20: Dream catching
Nourishing your mind
Unleashing your creativity
Ex 21: Enter the creative zone
Taking an interest in the world
One step deeper
Ex 22: Give yourself time to think

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