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Crisis, Tragedy and Uncertainty
crisis.pdf [62kb]

A brief ebook in pdf format that discusses coping with tragedy and getting back to a normal life. Written in response to the terrorist attacks on NYC, DC and PA on Sept. 11, 2001. Download it and also send it to a friend.
Carpe Diem cum Spiritu Archives
Jan - Dec 2005 Issues [284kb]

Jan - Dec 2004 Issues [317kb]

Jan - Dec 2003 Issues [342kb]

Jan - Dec 2002 Issues [333kb]

Jul - Dec 2001 Issues [170kb]

Jan - Jun 2001 Issues [168kb]

Jun - Dec 2000 Issues [150kb]

Energy Drainer and Energizer Exercise   Take a step towards a better future. Identify some of those things that drain your energy and some of those energizers that revitalize you. Then make some changes to put more energy back into your life.
Walking the Tightrope of Life: Maintaining Balance and Spirit    By maintaining a proper balance and a fullness of spirit in all areas of your life, you will always be ready for whatever happens. Fill your life will with new vigor and vitality.
Life: Puzzling Pieces of Love    Imagine life as a puzzle, with each piece being a unique piece of love. Each piece is something that you value, feel attracted to, affection for, admire or respect, etc. These pieces are what make you the unique and special individual that you are, and make your Life what it is.
Vision: the Cutting Edge (To a Future Full of Possibilities)   An interesting brochure on having vision in order to expand one's options. This example focuses on the changing times for the Church from an organizational view point. But it applies to everyone - individuals as well as any organization.
The New Millennium Finds the Church in Search of Quite a Few Good Men   A brief look at the exploding growth of Catholics in the USA and the priest shortage. The changing times place big demands on priests and the changing family values limit young men's answering of the call.

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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable."        -- Helen Keller
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